NZ's travel marketplace

We have brought together a massive range of travel suppliers to connect with Travel Advisors in an open and connected platform

This truly is travel reinvented!

The benefits we bring to you as a professional


  • Manage staff, ascertain revenue per trip, client details, and status of leads
  • Complex itineraries built, presented, and booked with ease
  • One simple platform for all sales, marketing & settlement tasks

  • Easily add markups or control discounts
  • Agency/Advisor margin settled instantly after full payment
  • Platform manages client payments due as well as all supplier admin

    • Wholesale pricing for a full-range of Air, Hotel, Activities, Transport & Touring product
    • Excellent commission earnt with our hand picked trusted suppliers
    • Interface direct with a wide range of supplier IT systems


    • All client activities captured in a dynamic CRM
    • Smartplatform creates templated marketing campaigns
    • Itineraries presented as landing pages ready for customer feedback
    • Plus enjoy your very own website!

    We are on a Journey .........

    As technology continues to evolve, so do we. We're out to identify system improvements and new tech opportunities for development. Our goal is to provide an unparalleled experience for travel professionals, our suppliers, and the customer. We want to hear from Travel Professionals and what they would like seen on our platform - it belongs to the Travel Industry, so please contact us as we try our best to navigate the path to our future.

    We know we've got your attention but.....

    Want to know a bit more about us? No worries at all - we love showing off! These "FAQ's may help before we get to know each other a little better :)

    TripFactory, so who are you then?

    We're a bunch of passionate, long term travel and tech professionals that have seen Covid as a chance to reboot and give agents the system, marketing, rates and commissions they deserve. Oh and at no cost to you ,not a cent!

    What are you guys doing launching a travel brand during a pandemic? That’s Crazy!

    It’s been a tough couple of years in travel but we just love the Industry so much! Bored of twiddling our thumbs we finally had the time to put our minds, hearts, and souls into a long-term dream of giving the industry a decent shake up and tipping the balance back to the agents. The tech in the Industry has been so far behind the times, we’ve taken the chance to reinvent it.

    Are you just yet another broker chain?

    No way, we’re a technology company run by travel pros first and foremost. Offering you a platform to run your business better, faster, fitter and more profitably. Total freedom to work your hours – whether you want to dabble or go down the full time ‘shake your money maker’ road!

    What are you folks doing that’s different, help me out here, is it just hotels?

    Heck no, we offer you a travel platform where you can market your business, create your own web content, as well as book the lowest commissionable hotel, tour, car rental, activity, motorhome, flight rates AND…publish your own packages online that will sell globally paying you each time they do... Did I mention we have no user fees?!

    So, are you part of a bigger group or are you the new kids on the block?

    We’re too old to be the new kids! We're a bunch of passionate, long-term travel and tech professionals that have seen Covid as a chance to reboot and give you agents the system, marketing, rates, and commissions you deserve. We’ve got some great backing by technologists dotted around the globe who want us to do well out of little ole NZ

    Seen a few companies fold recently, how safe are my bookings and my clients’ money?

    As the Travel professional dealing with your clients, you control this aspect. We send you a note when money is due to suppliers, and we act as the facilitator of that money exchange. You will need to ensure the money you take from your customer is kept in separate secure accounts as that’s the comfort your customers will want. If we ever take a deposit we put it in a trust account until its passed on to the supplier.

    What booking support do you offer me when I need a hand?

    We’ve got your back! Our team are available 24/7 for both you and your clients to solve any issues or make a great trip even better. Email, phone, WhatsApp, your choice, like rust, we never sleep!

    You’re new, how on earth are you going to be competitive against the big guys?

    Our model is truly unique, with a ‘direct to source’ model we peel away layers of middlemen+women and connect you directly with the very best rates and commissions to make the others blush. For years there has been too many fingers in the “travel supply chain pie”. We’ve chopped those off to make it better for suppliers, customers and of course you!

    How are you going to get attention, there’s a lot of noise out there?

    Customers still value personlised service and that’s why we are creating our own eco-system of travel professionals so that they can utilize our tech to help look after those customers. We have big ambitions of delivering tech to market that is fully focused on bringing enquiry to these professionals – think….. hourly rates paid for offering advice on destinations, advice on products as well as being paid to compile full integrated itineraries

    Are you going to sell direct to the public too, if so, are broker commissions guaranteed?

    Yes, and yes! We are fully focused on delivering an omni-channel experience which many have tried at and failed – we truly know what this means as we are from the Industry and know what it’s like on the frontline. We will launch a site to the public but never at rates that are better than agents, guaranteed. The Public who are booking online are for those who have the confidence of “doing it all themselves” but our eco-system of professionals will only be ‘one-click’ away to take over and take commissions too, so the best of both worlds.

    Guess you have a minimum monthly target and probably fees right?

    Wrong! We want to get travel up and running again, to motivate and excite an industry that’s had some hard times. No fees and no minimum targets, we’re a tech company at heart..with a heart

    I don’t belong to a travel company anymore, so no GDS, can I still play?

    You sure can! We realize a lot of brokers have been in ‘sleep’ mode thanks to Covid and we are the ‘Prince Charming’ to wake you from your slumber! Simply register and once approved you’ll have our full suite available including air with a heap of NDC connections.

    Sounds interesting so what’s in it for me, I’m here to make money not friends after all?!

    Well friends are important to! But you sound just what we’re looking for! For you, the best fully commissionable rates, a system that is free to use, no targets, no fees. A marketing tool giving you an easy to use, global shop front, 24/7 assistance and a team of hard-working travel tech gurus on speed dial.

    If I ‘swipe right’ on Trip Factory what happens next?

    Other than making our day, we’ll process your request, answer any questions you may have then get you up and running, selling and earning whilst thrilling your clients in no time!

    What's your business about?

     Beauty, Salon and Spa
     Doctor and Pharmacy
     Food or Restaurant
     Health and Fitness
     Education and Tutor
     Professional Services
     Web or Graphic Design

    What are your top goals?

     Sell Products
     Sell Services
     Collect Donations
     Get Appointments
     Market Myself or My Business
     Promote a physical business
     Showcase Work/Expertise
     Get Leads for My Businesss
     Promote a Event
     Publish a Blog or other Media

    Do you have a website domain?

     I already have a domain
     I want to buy a domain

    How much are you looking to spend on your website?

     $12 per month
     ₹$20 per month
     ₹$30 per month
     Open for discussion

    Lastly we need some details about yourself

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